Using Google plus to update Facebook and Twitter

Other than just a social network Google plus have many other uses that are discovered in the recent days,But Google plus itself hasn’t become a mainstream social network since Facebook and twitter play a dominant role.Moreover people will choose a network that have most of their friends are using (which is Facebook obviously).So every new user to Google plus will already be having an account in Facebook and twitter,so it will be difficult for them to update multiple social networks.



This idea of updating  different social networks while staying on one had led crossrider to develop extensions that help people to update Facebook and twitter while using Google plus. (cool)facebook on googleplus

For accessing Facebook on Google plus you need to be install this extension.After installing you can see Facebook icon on the Google plus menu.Once clicked you can access you Facebook wall stories and update your status too. [You need to connect your Facebook account].


In the same way you can install Twitter extension for your browser and authorize your twitter account and start using it.This twitter client has many features as the official one.twitter on googleplus



These browser extensions are very useful for users having multiple social networks.Good to try !

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