Monthly Roundup [May 2011]

List of articles published in the month May-2011.

1.Icecream sandwich the next version of Android OS

Android’s next version android 2.4  is codenamed as Ice-cream sandwich.Google announced it on IO conference 2011 today that next version will reduce the problem faced by android called “fragmentation”. The new version will be suitable for all kind of smartphones and tablets with advanced UI and app framework.

2.Google dancing animation doodle- How did they do

Google doodle for Martha Graham ‘s 117th birthday is an dancing animation that carves up google logo in a dancing way

3.chromebook : browser centric OS by google

Google chrome OS netbook newly termed as chromebooks was launched at Google IO 2011 after announcing the next android versions on day 1.The chrome OS which was shown earlier was codenamed with CR-48 which was sent out to developers to test the OS .Now chrome OS finds the manufacturers called “samsung” and “acer” to build their first ever chrome OS notebooks called “ChromeBooks“.

4.Google IO 2011 Keynote videos

Google IO 2011 was very popular among developers.Two day event was filled with android and chrome announcements. YouTube live streamed all the sessions on two separate YouTube channels since the huge popularity that this event has created caused the tickets to sell out within minutes.

5.How fast does your webpage load in other countries?

We use page load time calculators to determine how fast the page loads.But these page load time calculators always provide the load times of websites at their current location.The webpage speed varies according to different geography as the place of web-host.

6.How to: Create a HTML5 website in 15 seconds

HTML5 template generator- Initializr helps you create HTML5 website in under 15 seconds.This template framework is made with help of HTML5 boilerplate made by Divya manian of opera & paul irish of chrome.

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