Create Long shadow effect using Photoshop


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After flat design became popular among designers in past few months now its the turn for Long shadow designs.Applying the long background shadow to the flat design objects are more intuitive and less distractive.

What is long shadow effect?

twitter icon with long shadow effect

twitter icon with long shadow effect

The 45 degree shadow that starts from the center of the object to the end is called the long shadow effect.The fading of the shadow depends on the shape of the object in the center.

Some examples for long shadow design

long shadow icons


apple long shadow effect

dw long shadow


internet explorer icon



motorola logo


Long Shadow Generator

If you are designing flat  icons then try to apply this long shadow effect to enhance the look.

How to create long shadow effect using Photoshop?

It is simple to apply this effect using the long shadow generator,Download this PSD file to get started.

Now when you double click the layer “your design here” it will be opened in a new page.

Add text or shape in this page and click save.Now you can see the effect applied to the main image.

This can be also done in CSS using this tool.

Images Credit: Dribbble

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