Apple launches ipad 2 see new features and pricing


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Apple ipad version 2 is announced by steve jobs today on the traditional apple event.


Apple ipad 2 has upgraded components like the new dual core A5 processor which was faster than the precious A4.



The physical size is thinner than the previous one.Available in both colours and this time they are shipping both the colours from day one.Ipad 2 will be available from both AT & T and Verizon.

You can even get this device ready from march 11 launching in US.

apple ipad2

and in other countries 25th march

apple ipad2 launch

Ipad 2 will support the HDMI Tv output using the new dock connector hardware.($39)

apple ipad2 hdmi


one more hardware in apple ipad 2 is the new multi purpose poly urethane case[aka smart cover] .like the plastic case for iphone4 a new additional dollars for the device.$39 for ordinary $79 for leather one.

apple ipad 2 polyurethane (4)

apple ipad 2 polyurethane (1)apple ipad 2 polyurethane (3)apple ipad 2 polyurethane (5)


ipad 2 will be shipping with iOS 4.3,costs around $499.

ipad 2 cost


Other than the product steve said about the product sales and attacking the android growth as FLUMMOXED.



image credit(engadget,macworld)

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