How to calculate Data usage for iphone


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AT&T has revised its unlimited data plans for iphones and have created a tiered data plans in which users can select the dadata plans based on the monthly usage AT&T
here are the revised AT&T’s plans

$15/month for the DataPlus plan which includes 200MB of data transfer. If customers exceed 200MB in a monthly billing cycle, they receive an additional 200MB of data for $15 until the end of that billing cycle. 

$25/month for a 2GB data plan. If subscribers exceed 2GB during a billing cycle, they will be charged $10 for an additional 1GB of data.

Most of us are confused about which will plan will be economical.For thats  its better to check your usages so far and choose a correct one
Steps to find your data usage on iphone

  • Go to AT&T’s website and login with your account.
  • Choose Bill & Payments.
  • Now Click Create a Billing Report. It’s under the Billing Reports heading.
  • Choose Data Usage Trend from the Report pop-up menu. You can also set a date range to see your data usage for different time periods.
iphone data usage

The Usage report will show you , how much data you have used per month (uploads,downloads).

Iphone App
You may find the data usage using the iphone app also- AT&T’s iphone app

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2

The New iphones and ipads will also be having this new data plan.Its better to check out the usage trend to select the plan.
You can also use AT&T’s data usage estimator web application to view the data usage based on your requirement
data calulator AT&T

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