Google+ the facebook competitor

Google has revealed its much awaited social project Google+ directly aimed at competing Facebook.Google today announced the new features of Google+ that define Google is not just for search.

Since yesterday started showing the new brown navigation bar at the top .The Google+ is assessable straight from the homepage when you click you+ button at first.

Vic gundotra- Senior vice president of Google social said “since it was social extension of Google it was named as Google+”

Five Features of Google+ which is a combination of Facebook+twitter+skype+qwiki+groupme.




Google+ can able to create your social circle through drag and drop feature.




Spark collects information on your favourite topic like news,images and videos [like qwiki]


This one was similar to twitter follow where you can follow persons based on your interest.


Hangout is similar to group video chat where we can have live conversations with multiple persons face-to-face-to-face,all at same time.




This was group messaging service available in mobile phones.


5.Instant Upload

You don’t need an application for uploading your mobile photos to internet.Thanks to Google+, it uploads photos and videos on the fly to your Google+ account.



Google+ was not available to everyone and you need an invite to start using it.You can apply for google+ invite here.

You can try interactive demo of google+ here

Let us have your thoughts on google+,Whether it will compete with facebook?

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