5 best applications to track/monitor location of stolen laptops


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Imagine your laptop was stolen by someone while you are travelling or missed it somewhere else and you desperately.What happen to your data ? how come you recover several GBs of personal photos and secure information.? Every 12 seconds a laptop is stolen world wide.

The best advice to keep your data online synced with online service like dropbox and box.net.
There are certain applications that help you recover your stolen laptops and wipe out the sensitive information remotely.All this you can do only when you install those applications beforehand.

If you lost iphone or iPod you can track the location without mobile me subscription

Available for MAC/Windows/Linux/Android 
Cost: Free (for three devices)
Opensource solution for anti theft available for laptops and smartphones.Download the application and activate the tracking, also you can set up the time interval for checking the status of the device.Prey has multiple options to track the location of the device you can even set the option to show alert sound continuously for 30 seconds if stolen.If your laptop have webcam then the application will catch the thief’s picture and sent it back to you.The application has self update option so it keeps it updated with latest version.If you want free application then this is a best choice.
Available for Windows
Cost: Free for one device
Lock it Tight offers similar service that tracks the location of the device and also it records the key strokes that are made in the device.
Available for windows Xp/Vista
Cost: Free to track and monitor
A little older one suitable for old windows users which helps track the location of stolen device in real time.
Available for Windows/MAC/linux/iPhone/Android/Blackberry
Cost: Free for 30 days
Gadget track was reliable and popular service to track stolen laptops.The feature rich UI offers many options where in you can use for your office laptops.Gadget trak has the track record of recovering mobile Give it a 30 day trial and experience the features.
Available for Windows/Mac
cost: $39
This is an Enterprise application  which you need to spend money for using it. Previously named as  CompuTrace.

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