Whatsapp vs Hike


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Ever since the short messaging service SMS is replaced by the messenger apps many new applications are coming out of the market every now and then.But I say that whatsapp become the  most popular among them and dished out all the competitors in all major countries.By numbers whatsapp is number one downloaded application in both play store and app store.


What makes Whatsapp More popular:

Everyday 10 billion messages were processed by Whatsapp which is definitely a threat to the major mobile carriers as they tend to communicate via the internet rather than the SMS which makes the carrier profitable.When more number of friends use this messenger then I am not going to use the SMS. This makes the application more popular everyday among the users who switch from SMS.


whatsapp vs hike


What is Hike messenger app:

Hike is a new messenger app developed by Bharti softbank which is a partnership between bharti airtel of India and Softbank of japan.

Using Hike you can send messages to other hike user connected via internet,send pictures,videos and group chatting behike app for android hike android app reviewtween friends just like other messenger apps.Hike is similar to whatsapp with one remarkable feature is that you can send messages to the non hike users using the standard SMS but currently this feature is limited to 100 sms and only available in India.

Hike also provides the read/sent/typing notifications for the each message.It is now available for iOS,Android,Windows and symbian.To promote this application to more number of users the company have decided to provide the sms credit for every other user invited by you.

hike app review

One major threat in the country like india is the internet user base is very large and growth rate is increasing everyday.Carriers companies are developing such an application because in future people will only use messenger apps .

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