How to : Turn off Yahoo Mail Status bar Notifications in Android

If you are Android phone user ,then definitely at some point of time you might felt irritated of Yahoo app mail notifications . These notifications  are useful for ones who receive less no of mails, but on other hand if you have subscribed to many sites like Facebook ,twitter etc  then seriously these notifications  will make you irritated .In this post  i will show you how to turn off notifications  in Yahoo Mobile app.If you not yet installed this app, then click following link to download from Android market .

Yahoo Mail App


Step 1: Go to Menu and Tap on Options button .


Step 2 : Tap on your mail id . This is the mail id which i gave while configuring the app for first time . You can also add multiple accounts .


Step 3: Next uncheck the Notification’s  which is to notify is status bar when email arrives .


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4 Responses to “How to : Turn off Yahoo Mail Status bar Notifications in Android”
  1. Pankaj

    The notifications aren’t just irritating, they drain the battery too..! thanks for the post..
    BTW you’ve got a clever and cool domain..!

    • N.S Gautham Raj

      Ya you are correct ! Thank you !!

      • Jeff

        This shuts off notifications on the bar, but the light still blinks purple when you get an email… any ideas of how to shut that off?

        • larry c

          would love to have that info also, yahoo ignores that request in help. What do they figure is the benefit to them by not allowing us to disable the led.

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