Friday : Life tracking Android app

Do you remember What you did or Which film you went in Chennai last Sunday ?? Probably not . But this Friday app remembers everything !! Friday app keeps track of all application.Whenever you call or message anyone or you do anything , this app runs in the background . It acts as a analytics for your life .

Introduction :

Friday is a life search application launched by the Kerala-based Mobile products development company, Dexetra. It captures your life , in the terms of what you do with your phone and makes it available for you to explore later .You are never going to forget a single thing in your life anymore .


Features :

a) Answers :

Ask Friday questions pertaining to YOU and it returns accurate information in the form of events such as Calls, Places, Mails, Notes etc. Don’t remember who called you while you were at the cinema ? Ask Friday !


b) Journal :

Ever wanted to write a journal every night before you goto sleep? You don’t have to anymore. Friday itself is a Journal auto-written! You can add your notes and voice memos to it to make it richer. And you can search them too!

c) Analytics :

With Friday you know how many calls you’re making each day. Who is sending you mails and how many contacts you actually get in touch with! You know who your most frequently called contacts are, places at which you spend time the most and much more.

How to Install :

We can either install through android market or using below QR code .Since it’s in alpha version, we have to register at to get invitation .

Video :

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  1. kannan

    I always feel like android should take over apple very soon. But one of the areas in which android should concentrate is that, apps can only be installed in phone memory and not on sd card. Ya in IOS also the same but there the internal memory itself is around 8gb. So one thing the android mobiles should pack such internal memory or there should be some techniques like virtual memory and paging where the apps can be installed in sd and brought to phone memory when working.

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