How to : Download Google Maps for Offline Purpose in Android

This post will show you how to Precache any area in Google Maps for future use . Let’s assume you are going to a new place as tourist  ,where you don’t have any network connection  to access internet ;then it’s very difficult for you to find the route . But don’t worry , Google already has a feature called Precache area in its labs . To enable and use it follow below step by step tutorial .

How to Precache the Map ?

Step 1: Go to Menu->More and tap on Labs .


Step 2: To enable it , Just click “Precache Map Area” Option .


Step 3: Just for example , I took Mylapore(Chennai)  place for Precaching .To Precache any area , just hold down a point within area that you wish to download  .Tap the tool tip that appears over it and select Precache Map area from the bottom of the options menu that follows.Alternatively, you can also go to Menu-> Search and search for a location , it will display tooptip . Just tap on it and navigate through More –> Precache map area .




Step 4: That’s it Precaching process is done !! Next let’s see how to access Precached area .


How to access Precached Area ??

Step 1: Go to Menu-> More and Tap on Cache Settings .


Step 2: Tap on Precached Map Areas .


Step 3: Tap on the place which you want to access.


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