Inside Google’s powerful datacenters


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Google has surprisingly shared what it had considered as top secret for all these time – A look inside its vast Data centers and the technology behind them.

Google search engine is insanely fast because of the huge infrastructure it has on the backend.Google had the unique technology that brings us the search results less than a second.Apart from search engine google also has a suite of applications like gmail,youtube,google maps and drive etc which all are data intensive.Every user having the google account will be using all these services which adds up huge amount of data everyday.

To handle all these data google has the intelligent and robust datacenters which manages all these data without any interruption.It was a secret maintained for all these days by google about its data centers but for now google realised that providing the information will be educational for the people.

google datacenter

google datacenter

In their special landing page google shared the pictures of the powerful data centers and the technology behind them.

Every data center has the intense collection of cpu’s and storage disks but around these infrastructure the facility will also have the cooling system that keeps the data centers to the lower temperature.

datacenter-google-cooling system

datacenter-cooling system

The pipes are colourful and denotes the warm and cold temperature.

failed harddisk-google datacenter

Failed hard disks are destroyed.

Computing power to handle three billion search queries everyday.

10 Gb of email storage to 425 million Gmail users are handled through these data centers.

inside google datacenter

inside google datacenter

One of the data center was previously a paper mill but converted as data center.

Google is a pioneer in running efficient data centers, the choice of location and storage technology is as efficient when compared to other competitors.Google runs the data servers inside the shipping containers for efficiency.

Read further more on Google’s official page.


Update: Google street view map of its Lenoir Data center

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