[How to] Find IMEI number of stolen android device

This tutorial will show you how to find IMEI number of  stolen android device which is registered to your Google account.

For starters, IMEI (International mobile station Equipment Identity) is a unique number which is used by GSM network to identify valid devices.

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It is usually found in battery compartment of the phone or you can check on-screen by entering *#06# on the dialpad.

But in case if your mobile is stolen and you forgot to note it down the IMEI number , you can still find out the IMEI number using below steps:

Step 1 : Login to below URL using your Google account which is registered to your stolen android device .

Google dashboard

Step 2 : In this page, there are many sections available  like analytics, blogger,buzz etc which are associated with your email account.

Go to Android section , which contains information  of your android device ‘s registered to your account and check IMEI of your stolen android device.

stolen android device

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