How to: Create a Chrome Extension in 15 seconds


March 5, 2013HTML5No comments

Developing chrome extensions become much easier now with the Extensionizr a boilerplate for creating chrome extensions.Using this you can create a basic chrome extension with specific set of features based on your needs. It’s more like Initializr which is a boilerplate template for creating html5 websites.



The very basic configuration required in creating extension is by selecting the type of extension.It can be either page action,browser action or a hidden one.

Browser action:

In this type, The extension will be available as icon on the top right corner after the address bar.Usually there will be a tooltip or popup box that appears when clicked.

browser action

Page Action:

In this type, The extension will be inside the address bar but not on the area beside it.The below example will provide you clear picture of the position.

Hidden extension:

It won’t have any visual representation but the process will be carried out in background.

By selecting the basic options you can proceed to next selection area for choosing content scripts and other addons like jquery and angular.js libraries.

At the next section you will be able to choose the permission required in the extension.Some may require to access the user’s physical location so you can choose geolocation permission.

After choosing all the options you can able to download the complete extension files.Give it a try and let us know your comments.

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