How to : Create Android phone wallpaper from any image

Whenever we download a image and try to set as a wallpaper in our android phone , it doesn’t matches with our phone scale . This tutorial will teach you a simple way , so that you can easily set at any wallpaper in your phone .Here I am going to use Pix2fone extension , which can be used in google chrome or mozilla firefox .

Pix2fone Extension :

Pix2Fone is a free extension for Google Chrome combined with online service. It adds “Save image as phone wallpaper” option to the browser and lets you save any pictures from your computer or internet as your mobile phone wallpapers. You can download your phone wallpapers with the phone browser or send text message / SMS bookmark directly to your phone.

Step 1 : Download pix2fone extension . Currently its available for google chrome and firefox mozilla .

Download link for Chrome

Download link for mozilla

Step 2: Right click the image which you want to set as  a wallpaper  and save that image as phone wallpaper.


Step 3: Next step is selection of your phone models . This list almost all kind of models . If you don’t find your mobile brand in their list , just give feedback @  link.


Step 4 : Now you have to make a selection , from where you are going to upload image . There are two options :

a) From web

b) From computer


Step 5 : You have select part of image , which you are going to set as wallpaper . Since I am a fan of madhavan , I download a image of him and selected just his eyes .


Step 6: Now you may be thinking , how to download wallpaper to your phone. For that , there are three ways .

a) Scanning the QR code through your phone

b) By visiting in your phone and entering the code .

c) or by entering your mobile no and network name , such that download link is transferred to your phone .


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  1. sureshpeters

    A detailed explanation 😀 instead of gong for apps . We can built of our own wallpapers awesome..

  2. shenoyjoseph

    nice method to create a wallpaper for android phones and no need of extra software for covering and resizing the image. 🙂

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