How to :create noisy gradient background in photoshop


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Background layer always plays the major role in designing and enhances the UI at most places.A little noise effect added to the background image enriches the UI and overall look.

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Noisy Background tutorial

Noisy Background tutorial

Normal background would do better but noisy background make it look little elegant.Follow these steps to create noisy text backgrounds.

Step 1 – Create new photoshop document

Create new Photoshop document of your desirable size.Fill the background layer with a color or gradient.

voilet layer

Step 2 – Duplicate the layer

Duplicate the background layer by right click the background layer-> duplicate layer option

Step 3 – Add noise

Select the duplicate layer and click Filter->noise->add noise and select noise of 25%

Add noise to layer

add noise to layer

Step 4 – Reduce the saturation

click the CTRL+U to change the saturation level to -100


Step 5 – Reduce opacity

Reduce the opacity of the duplicate layer to 25%.You may change the opacity levels to bring out the new combinations.

violet gradient noisy
More Samples

red gradient noisy background
yellow gradient noisy background

brown gradient noisy background

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  1. Victoria

    Super! Tutorial, Always wondered how to make a good noisy background. 🙂 Thanks!

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