How to : take backup of all SMS/MMS to Gmail | Android

This article will teach you how to take backup and restore all sms present in your android mobile phone . It is done through Smsbackup app , a free software which is available in android market . Before going to tutorial , just go through Devlup’s recent android posts which may be useful to you .

SMSBackup is a android app which automatically takes backup and restore all SMS,MMS and call log entries using a separate label in Gmail/ Google calendar . It is possible to restore SMS and call log entries back to the phone but MMS is not supported yet.

Steps to do backup and restore of all SMS/MMS :

Step 1: Download Smsbackup app  from following location :

or download through following QR code :

Step 2: There are two options available in this app : Either you can take backup of all sms/mms/contacts available in your phone to your gmail account or you can restore the data from your gmail account to your phone. With current version , you can restore everything except MMS .It also has options to take backup automatically .

backup of all SMS_1

Step 3: In order to take backup ,you have to sync  with Google account. When you click backup button , it will ask for permission to access your Gmail account .XOAuth: SMS Backup+ will never ask you for your Gmail password. Instead it uses XOAuth to get access to your data. You can revoke the access rights at any time.

backup of all SMS_2

backup of all SMS_3

Step 4 : Once you grant the access , you can take the backup of all sms and contacts present in your phone . It will take some time to take backup , so be patient and backup your data . It took  nearly 1 hr for me .

backup of all SMS_4

Step 5: After completion of backup process , check your Gmail account . Here checkout for newly created  SMS label where your backup is stored .

backup of all SMS_5

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4 Responses to “How to : take backup of all SMS/MMS to Gmail | Android”
  1. Mumba Edgar`

    I’m stuck at the grant permission page, it keeps refreshing instead of granting permission so i can retrieve my text messages.
    What should i do???????????????????????
    I previously gave 5 stars to this app but, right now i’m feeling cheated.

  2. N.S Gautham Raj

    @mumba edgar please use chrome browser . It was not working with opera browser.I also experienced the same issue before.

  3. Sourab

    Hey this app is awesome can u please mail the source code of this app.

  4. heidee

    I grant access but it wont do anything.. it loads but then just stays on the page asking me to grant access or deny. what do i do?

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