How to :Enable Screen lock in Android

In today’s smartphone world , we always check for mails , chat with our friends through Gmail or Facebook .In other words , we can say we are addicted to smartphones. Beyond usage of smartphones ,we should always ensure that our phone privacy is maintained properly .In  Android smartphones ,maintaining privacy is very easy and at basic level , it can be done through Screen lock which comes by default in android.  But by default  ,Screen lock  is disabled in android . This tutorial will teach us  to enable screen lock in android.

Level : Beginner

Step 1 :  Navigate through Settings –> Location & Security –>  Setup Screen lock



Step 2 : Choose the appropriate unlock method.

There are three ways by which we can unlock the screen.

a) Through Pattern

b) Through Pin

c) Through Password .


Choosing of appropriate unlock method is totally depend on us . Pin and Password method are almost same . Pattern method is my favourite one .
None will disable screen unlock security .

a) Through pattern  :

b) Through Pin :

Note : Pin should be minimum 4 letters long.

c) Through Password :


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