What is an android activity ?


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Android Activity,the basic term that every android beginner should know before starting up the development.To be simple to say an Activity in the android terminology means the individual screen that is visible on the screen.

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Say example when you click the contacts button android system  fires up the main activity for contacts application and draws the user interface for us to view.Activity relates to each unique screen,so what happens when you click a person’s contact on the contacts application? the current activity is pushed to a stack and the new activity is fired.

In android it is different that the current activity is not destroyed instead stored in a stack.When the user presses the back button the last activity at the top of the stack is loaded.This is a simple concept called Last In First out.

An android application would normally have multiple screens hence  involves multiple activities.Android application life cycle starts from creation of activity to activity shutdown.

You can see that each screen has to interact with other,so activities can able to send information to other activities.Example: an on click action can send the selected item to next activity that handles the action.

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