New Features in Android 4.0 Icecream sandwich


October 19, 2011AndroidNo comments

Android 4.0 also known as Icecream sandwich, next major release by google has many new features and enhancements.As promised this new operating system will have unified UI framework for both smartphones and tablets.

New features of Icecream sandwich

Home Screen

Refined and evolved UI,Icecream sandwich has richer UI and better animations.The home screen has virtual buttons at the bottom which is present on all screens and apps.This will help manufacturers to produce button less phones.

New Lock screen

New lock screen actions provide further sophistication rather just unlocking.You can jump directly to camera,messaging and notifications while you unlock.


When you click the recent apps button on the system bar you will get the thumbnail view of all the running apps and you can easily switch between apps with just a touch.Also you can remove the notification with a swipe.

Apps and widgets

This is an unification of smartphone and tablet interface that offers apps and widgets in a swipe.

Improved Dictionary and Spell checker

Data Usage monitor

You can monitor the data usage on your phone with the colorful charts and visualizations.

Improved Camera UI and effects

The new camera app has many new effects to try while shooting videos.Also single-motion panorama using which you can create wide panoramas easily without any additional applications.


With click of a button you can take screenshot of the phone and you can share the image in the gallery.

Face unlock

The advanced facial recognition allows face unlock system that helps to unlock the phone with your face.

Android Beam

With Advanced NFC technology Android Beam lets users share what they are using with just a tap.

The video demo of android icecream sandwich features

See more features at Android developers page

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