How to: Enable Desktop Notification in Gmail


January 27, 2011Google TipsNo comments

Google came up with a new feature for Gmail in chrome browser,” Chat and Email notification” .

From now one can get chat notification or a new email notification on their desktops even if the browser is minimized.This is a HTML 5 feature.Now one can get notification similar to what they get with GTalk.Chat notification feature can be enabled if you login into GMail from Chrome browser.

Just click on the link that GMail provides you.Chat notifications are switched on.


Now even if the chrome Browser is minimized , when someone pings , the notification will be displayed on desktop.


Gmail Notification on desktop:

In similar way , when a new email arrives at your inbox the notification can be got on desktop.For activating that feature , follow the folllowing steps:

#1.Click on Settings on the top of Gmail Window.

#2.Under General tab , you will find Desktop notifications.


#3.Make the New mail notifications ON.

This feature is available only in Chrome Browser as of now.But Google has promised to incorporate this feature in all major browsers soon.

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