Google publishes Glass Mirror API


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Google Glass which was demonstrated an year ago in Google IO conference is now a reality.Starting today they have started shipping explorer version of google glass devices to enthusiastic developers who have registered with their innovative ideas.

Glass Mirror API is the programming interface that Glass uses to display and process data from the device.The documentation and the sample codes are now available on GitHub for developers to get started to build GlassWare (Term used to denote the software used in the Glass)

google glass timeline

Sample timeline card displayed on glass

The information that gets displayed on the Google Glass is in the form of Timeline cards.Developers can create new cards,update existing cards and receiving inputs from users.These informations are processed in the cloud and pushed directly to the glass in the form of cards.

Weather information app on Glass

A bundled timeline card

All these request response is happening through RESTful web service over Http.So to create a timeline card like the one above you have request Mirror API using JSON format and  response will be Timeline card on the actual device.

map card in Timeline

Embedded Maps along with additional information in a Single timeline card

To get started with mirror API google has provided starter projects available on Java and Python languages that can be readily deployed in google App Engine environment.

The company insist developers not to display ads using Glassware

Google Glass Hardware:

sergey wearing google glass

  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • Bone conduction¬†Transducer
  • Wifi – 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth
  • 12 GB of usable memory

If you have not been  invited for the developer preview program you can still learn to code for Glassware and wait for the official public release.


Update:Seems the explorer edition started to reach the developers in a neat package.There is a Google+ hashtag #throughglass for the latest contents created using google glass.

Google glass unboxed

Google glass unboxed



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