iPed:Android Based Chinese iPad

It’s a tablet. It comes in a box nearly identical to the iPad and its name is different by only one letter. It’s called the iPed, and it costs only $105 — approximately five times less than Apple’s original, the iPad. And, of course, you can only buy it in China.

Although cheap and visually quite similar to the original, the iPed sports far weaker hardware. It’s based on an Intel chip, and has 128 MB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space. It runs on Android, but from what we can see in the video below, it’s quite slow — probably hampered by the low amount of RAM it possesses.

However, given the fact that Apple’s iPad is not yet available in China (it took the iPhone years to reach China) and the attractive price, the iPed will probably find its audience — unless Apple manages to sue it out of production.





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