What is pubsubhubbub protocol


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Pubsubhubbub is the next generation form of RSS . Before getting into that we first learn what is RSS

What is RSS

Rss or Really simple syndication 0r some may call it Rich site summary- Its is an XML-based format for content distribution.Now used widely for its vast usage.Rss is used to deliver the updates of web based contents,Content developers use this to update recent news to its readers. See more about RSS



How RSS works

rss feeds

Rss feeds

What is pubsubhubbub ?

Pubsubhubbub (a weird name ) is next development in RSS. The name describes ” publisher-Subscriber” relationship.The difference between RSS and pubsubhubbub is that In RSS the reader pings the source often to find any new updates of content,whereas in pubsubhubbub the Source informs the reader that a new content is available. In this way RSS is used more efficiently.Check this video for creative explanation for pubsubhubbub protocol.

Developer Link:

Hosted at http://code.google.com/p/pubsubhubbub/

According to RWW 10.5 Million wordpress blogs are now pubsubhubbub enabled,Wordpress also provides pubsubhubbub Plugins .

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