[How to] Activate Second sign-in verification in Yahoo


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Many of the Internet Giants like Facebook , Google, Dropbox , LinkedIn are trying to tighten up their user’s privacy by introducing 2 factor notification which is very promising till now .Recently Yahoo also introduced second sign-in verification which is similar to  2 factor notification which was initially introduced by Google.


This article will show you how to activate second sign-in verification in Yahoo mail .

More about Yahoo’s  Second Sign-in Verification :

The Second sign-in verification helps prevent unauthorized access to your account through a stolen password. Any sign-in attempt Yahoo! deems suspicious will require a second verification, either answering your account’s security question or entering a verification code we send to the mobile phone or non-Yahoo! alternate email address we have on file for you. A “suspicious sign-in attempt” is an unrecognized computer or device trying to access your account.

When you sign in with an unrecognized device or computer, you will have to answer a security question or enter a verification code that we’ll send to your mobile phone or non-Yahoo! alternate email address on file. This second sign-in verification will further protect your account from unauthorized access.

If you are accessing your account on a device or machine that you are using on a regular basis, it won’t trigger the Second Sign-in Verification.

– Yahoo !

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How to Activate second sign-in verification in yahoo :

a) Go to below yahoo link and enter your yahoo login credentials :


b) Under Sign-in and security tab, Click “Set up your second sign-in verification” link



c) Next step is to turn on second sign-in verification . To activate it , you have to give your mobile number where you will receive a verification code through SMS .

Note : You can give either existing number which is registered with yahoo or new phone number for second sign-in verification .This feature is only available to United States, Canada, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico users.



d) That’s it done !! You have successfully activated Second sign-in verification in Yahoo. To test it, clear your cookies and  login again .


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