How to : Create Gmail Compose shortcut


September 9, 2010Tech Tips3 Comments

To compose mail , we usually go to and click the compose tab . This is useful when we compose one or two mail in a day .But what if we have to compose many mails at a time . For bulk  emails , we can use simple trick .

Step1 :Go to computer desktop and right click in the empty area of the desktop and then select new->shortcut as shown below .


Step 2: Now copy and paste following link in new shortcut box.


Step 3: Next give shortcut name for composing mails .


That’s it . Now we can compose many mails at a time through Desktop shortcut .

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  1. prasanna

    Cool! like it

  2. prasanna

    im not able to register.! temme how to?

    • Gautham@Linuxtree

      I cant understand the question !!!

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