[How to] Find out if anyone else is using your Facebook account


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This tutorial will show you how to find out if anyone else is using your facebook account .Recently Google & Dropbox has introduced 2 factor authentication in order to make user’s account more secure and to maintain user’s privacy .


Similarly in facebook also,  you can make your account secure and maintain your privacy by enabling the login notification.After enabling  the login notification , whenever you try to login into your facebook account from other locations or someone else try to hack your facebook account , a email will be sent to your mail id which is associated with your facebook account .A email which is sent to your mail id will contain following information’s:

  • Date
  • Day
  • Time
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Location
  • IP

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How to Enable login notifications :

Step 1 : Login into your Facebook account and Click drop down menu which is adjacent to Home menu & navigate into account settings –> Security.


Step 2:  Facebook will notify you either through email or text message . Choose any one option which is convenient to you . I chose “email” option .


Step 3 :  That’s it done . You have enabled login notifications in Facebook . Next to test it , clear your browser cookies . Finally again login into your Facebook account & enter new device name . Suppose if you are using Facebook at home , you can give device name as Home or you can give laptop name as device name.


When you logged on into your account , a mail will be sent to your mail id which is registered with your facebook account . Similarly will happen when someone tries to login into your account apart from registered locations .

Note : If you are using Facebook in any one of the registered locations , you wont receive this mail.


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