Using Regular Expression Search in Notepad++


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Notepad++ is simple yet very useful editor for developers that helps coding tonnes of lines of code effectively .A talented developer should learn the best ways to use Notepad++ efficiently .

notepad++ search

Notepad++ regular expression search is useful when there is a large piece of code and you want to find a particular pattern of text on all the lines.I will list out some scenarios to help you understand.

1.Selecting the line that starts with <search string>

Selection will be made starting from the word till the end of the line.

notepad++ regular expression search

(script).* – Searches the text that starts with ‘script’

2.Starting and ending characters are known

Searching would be simple if we know the exact search phrase but what if it was not constant?Thats where extended search in Notepad++ helps you.

In a sequence of lines you have to find the occurrences of the string that starts with and ends with specific characters


(2013).*AM – searches for string that starts with 2013 and ends with AM

(2013).*12 – searches for string that starts with 2013 and ends with 12

regex search in notepad++


3.Regular Expression

 ([a-z0-9).*(12) – search a text that starts with alphabets or numbers and ends with ’12’

search regex notepad++


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