How to solve Memory card issues in Android


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Android operating system will be a bit difficult to use for the first time users.Yes it is,Several problems occur on android phone which needs some online help to solve.Recently I ran into a problem when I started camera to record a video and I got a message “Recording Failed” and when I clicked Ok button I got a notification “SD Card blank or has unsupported filesystem

Memory card

When I clicked on the notification it prompted me to format the SD card which I dont want to do since I had all my data in the card.The files in the SD card is inaccessible and even in setting->storage menu it showed me the space is unavailable.

I have googled for the answer for some long time and nobody figured it out the answers so I tried many of the alternative ways to get back the data in the SD card.I tried switching on and off again and again but of no use.When I plugged the card to my computer it had two drives both are in accessible from computer too.

After much struggle I thought of fixing the unsupported file system and I plugged back  the SD card through USB cable on my computer and did the below step

Goto settings->Wireless and network -> USB utilities and click connect storage to PC and initiate the mass storage.

This time I got the same two drives displayed in my computer one for USB storage and other for SD card.Both were in accessible but you can right click the device drive and select ‘eject’ and do the same for the other drive also.

Now when I disconnected the phone from computer the media scanner started running and completed successfully.Finally I got back all the data stored in the SD card and all the storage space started to appear on the settings menu.

The issue might happened due the corrupt memory card which made the android system unable to access it.Well there may be one other problem every one was discussing was “USB storage blank or has unsupported filesystem”.This is a very similar situation which might be solved by the above method.Let me know if the above it solved your problem.

Just for your information: I am using Samsung galaxy R with gingerbread OS.

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