How to access flash content on iPad and android devices


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Flash contents are not supported in apple devices for long time but still the flash based websites and games are still more in number.There were several workarounds for the apple users to access flash content on ipad/iphone. I am going to show browser application that allows to access the flash websites without installing any plugins or flash players.

 access flash content on ipad

Puffin Browser:

Puffin app is a browser that simply loads the content from its cloud servers instead of direct loading.When a page is loaded on this browser it simply rendered from the puffin servers at the greater speeds and there by bypassing the inbuilt browser rendering of flash content.

The technology used by puffin allows the speedy browsing and less mobile data usage

Not just for apple devices, Google recently announced “flash will no longer supported on android devices”. Puffin browser app is also available in Google Play store.

Puffin for iOS/Android



You can browser mobile and desktop sites as well.

flash testing on puffin app



Apple Appstore

Android Play Store



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