Opera 11 introduces tab stacking,mouse gestures and extensions


December 20, 2010BrowsersNo comments

Opera released its next version of web browser called Opera 11 including new unique features for tab management called tab stacking along with other features like mouse gesture and opera extensions.

Opera 11 provides a new api for developing extensions in the browsers using css and JavaScript.

Tab stacking
You can drag the tabs and drop it over another one to create tab stack.

Mouse Gesture
Opera 11 has several mouse gestures which enable us to do common browser tasks with just simple mouse actions

Extensions : Opera gets chrome fever! 
Opera introduced extensions you can use as well as develop extensions.

 Download extensions for opera here.

UI update

The address field gets colored badges to indicate secure sites
You can pin tabs to the bar by right clicking the tab,this helps in preventing the tabs being closed accidentally.
Chrome inspired omnibox to search from address field
  • Opera 11 is 30 percent smaller that Opera 10.60.
  • Plug-ins can be set to load on-demand. This can improve performance of the browser up to 30 percent.

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