chromebook : browser centric OS by google


May 12, 2011Browsers Google2 Comments

Google chrome OS netbook newly termed as chromebooks was launched at Google IO 2011 after announcing the next android versions on day 1.The chrome OS which was shown earlier was codenamed with CR-48 which was sent out to developers to test the OS .Now chrome OS finds the manufacturers called “samsung” and “acer” to build their first ever chrome OS notebooks called “ChromeBooks“.

To get into the basic idea about chromebook I would advice you to watch this video.

Features of ChromeBooks:

Instant Boot:

The chromebooks boots up in just 8 seconds and thats the instant one.


Connect to internet directly from the chromebook without a wire.

Multiple user login



Chromebooks uses the sandboxing feature that eliminates malicious things to enter.


Chromebooks are available from acer and Samsung from June 15th.For education and business you can rent the chromebook for $20 a month.

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  1. Matt

    Really can’t wait for this – I’ve been looking forward to Chrome OS for some time now! I do everything online so will be glad to be free of the shackles of Windows 😀

  2. Toni

    With browser centric based, you must go online to use chromebook applications. So you’ll need a broadband networks

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