Google launches Chrome browser for android devices


February 10, 2012AppNo comments

Google finally rolled out the flagship chrome browser for android smartphones and tablets.The much awaited and of-course from the beginning of android era is a good mobile web browser equally competent to chrome which is popular for desktop.Google launched this new chrome browser with neat and intuitive features that makes mobile web browsing more comfortable.

Not all devices can have this browser,at present it is only available for ice-cream sandwich devices.So I am one among the millions waiting for the ICS upgrade to try this out.



Chrome fast-The speed that you get while opening web pages is same as you open from desktop chrome browser.


The search and URL bar combination is called as omnibox.Which is now also available for mobile version with intelligent suggestion feature.

3.Tabs Navigation

Chrome tabs can be easily navigated with the finger swipe from edge to edge or flipping from sideways.

4.Incognito Mode

Yes,Private browsing is now possible on android phone with the incognito feature in “Chrome for android”.

5.Bookmark sync

You can bookmark the webpages on mobile browser and sync with the PC and viseversa.You can read webpages on the go on smartphones and computers easily.Mobile bookmarks are grouped into separate folder.

6.No Flash Support

Chrome for mobile will not support flash content and also adobe had announced the end for flash support in mobile devices.So you need to switch to android’s native browser to view the flash content.

Go ahead and download Google Chrome for android-Beta [Only for ICS devices in select countries] and share your thoughts.

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