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Group messaging apps are trending news at Sxswi conference at texas.There are new group messaging applications pitched into the mobile ecosystem and boasts to change the way people use messages in mobile phone.

group messaging

In short group messaging or group texting is like the mobile chat room where you can add people to a group and send texts to the group and create a group conversation.Similar to chat room concept but in mobile phones.Since this was used in smartphones there are quite other possibilities like location sharing,photo sharing into the group conversation.

A real scenario of group messaging is when you have some 15 friends and you are organizing a weekend trip .You need to contact everyone of them to conform the schedules and bringing out the ideas of the places to visit nearby.All you need is to quickly communicate to all of them,you cannot mail them as it will get delayed for everyone to reply.Not everyone will be online but they will definitely have their phone with them. The simple and quickest way to communicate is through mobile phone(thats why it is invented for)and Group messaging is more interactive way to do.

We are listing the new group messaging applications that making buzz at Sxsw interactive conference 2011 and listed down the features of those.


groupme logo

groupme logo


Groupme was the earliest group messaging application launched in 2010.Group me offers group texting,location sharing,photo sharing and conference call services.You can create unique group number and add your contacts in your phone book.Group me app is available or iphone,android and blackberry.




Beluga was acquired by facebook recently over their popularity in this league.Beluga offers users to create pods/chat room for private chats.This application is available for android,iphone and shares the same features as groupme.

3.Fast Society

fast society

fast society

Fast society easy to use application lets you create groups and you can specify the time the group will exist.Fast society has got the nice UI for its iphone application.It also allows the conference call feature which provide unique private number for calling.




kik sent,delivered,read kik app

Fastest growing group messaging app with millions of users.Apart from general usage this provides the live status of the messages sent to the group,the application shows sent,delivered,read statuses also.




Brightkite was one of the earliest group messaging application.It was a check-in like service before it transformed itself to group texting app. Available for iphone , android and mobile browsers.

There are lot of new applications coming up everyday, here are some others

Hurricane Party


Though many applications are available most ones are available for iphone ,android and not for nokia’s symbian hence the market is yet to be explorered.What do you say about these applications? share your experience with us.

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