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August 19, 2010Apps facebook MobileNo comments

A new mobile application allows you to call your facebook friends for free.This application runs on iphone,ipod touch and on android phones.This is a VOip (Voice over IP) based application that allows you to make free calls to any facebook friend having the app installed on his phone.


This application is developed by Vonage  is much like Skype which uses same VOip technology.

To make a free call between friends you should have this app installed on both the ends,after installing you can make free calls.

Both the parties should login to this app using facebook credentials and can call a friend who is online and having this app installed on his phone.The connection uses Wi-Fi,3G network access.

vonage app

Facebook and mobile usage both are growing huge as in unimagined rate.Applications like this one will rise some privacy concerns as stranger facebook friends might call too.

To download this app

Visit to see instructions.

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