Facebook launches new Email service


November 18, 2010facebookNo comments

Facebook has launched their updated Facebook Messaging service that includes the integration of Email and SMS all in a place.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg announced the new service on a special event that named this as “Modern messaging system” The old facebook message system is just like a simple offline conversation which made facebook to redesign and come up with a interface blended with Email and SMS.

You can send Email to a friend via his facebook address  ie, @facebook.com .As well as you can Text your friend in the same interface.

Here’s a look at the new Messaging system (via Mashable)

This new service will be available to all users within several months. Now available to testers and developers.
This new Email service will ring some alarms on its competitors like Google and yahoo since facebook has huge population and it is growing tremendously in many countries. However we cant expect more people leaving their official ones (Gmail,yahoomail) and switch to Facebook mail.
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