Facebook places – new app in the Geo location market – [Review]


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facebook-placesFacebook today launched a new location based service called “facebook places “ which is  similar to Foursquare and Gowalla ‘s location app.

Introduction to location based feature

Geolocation based applications are now getting popular in the world , people use their mobile phones to find interesting places they visit and share their experiences with their friends.

We have reviewed Foursquare quite some time back which was the dominant location app in US.People use foursquare app to check-in their places.

“Check-in “ is just saying your friends that you have arrived at a place

As location apps getting popular the advertisement goes along,popular US stores offered various coupons and discounts to the people who Checks-in their store.Not to mention Starbucks coffee store offers coupons for people who checks-in their shop.

facebook places

Foursquare and gowalla did exactly the same focussing on check-in feature.Now the popular facebook places (aka-foursquare killer) is launched competing its rivals as said earlier.Lets see the awesome features of “face book places”


This application allows us to check-in to places and share the interesting information about the place and the important moments that you had in that place with your facebook friends.If you go to a place along with your friends , facebook allows Who’s with Me? facility you can tag them when you check in,this will automatically update status message of your friends too.

You can see “People here now” feature to see friends who are in same place at same time.

Also when you check in to a place , you can see the friends who are in nearby places .

Here’s a glance

When you check in

  • You can share information and moments about that place
  • You can see what your friends say who checked in earlier at same place
  • You can see friends activity in the nearby places

facebook places 2


Chris Cox, vice president of products for Facebook, also described a potential future where children of Facebook employees might visit a location and discover that it was where their parents had first kissed.


TO use places

visit http://touch.facebook.com or Facebook for iphone  in your mobile phone.

Your mobile phone should support W3 geolocation to use this app.


Visit Official announcement from facebook blog  or take a tour about Facebook places.


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