How to : Share Images through Google Chat |GChat Pix Extension

Basically,you can’t able to do image sharing through Google Chat – Which is inbuilt in Gmail and other Google products .But it can be overcome by using chrome extension called Gchat Pix extension .

Features :

  • Easily share images while using Google Chat.
  • Just drag an image from your desktop onto the chat window and it is automatically uploaded and added to your message.
  • All links to images in your chat window are converted to clickable thumbnails.
  • Uploaded images are only available for 24 hours.

Step 1 : Open your chrome browser and Install Gchat Pix extension which will let you to share image with your friends through google chat .

Step 2 : While chatting drag the Image which you want to share . That’s it done .Hope you came to know about new chrome extension.

Gchat Pix Extension

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