How to : Download our data from Facebook


November 19, 2010TipsNo comments

Introduction :

This tutorial will help you to download everything from a Facebook account including pictures and photos, videos, posts, status updates, profile information.It will let you to download everything from your facebook account  as a ZIP format .

Steps to Download :

Step 1: Go to .

Step 2: Now navigate through Account-> Account settings which is in top right side of your page.

Step 3:Now go to Download your information  and Click learn more.

Step 4: Click Download button.

Step 5 : Again it will ask for Confirmation .Click Download .

Step 6: After clicking Download button check your email inbox. You should have got an email from Facebook containing a link which will let you download from your Facebook account.

Step 7: Click that link in  your mailbox .Right after that you will be prompted to type your Facebook account. Once done you will start downloading your Facebook data as a Zipped file.

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