5 Best Notepad++ plugins for programmers


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Notepad++ was the best ever tool for a developer which supports various programming languages and features.T0 utilize the complete potential of Notepad++ you need to add some plugins to the core application.

How to install a plugin in Notepad++

Once you are done with the installation open the Notepad++ application and goto Plugins->Plugin Manager->Show plugin Manager

Now you can choose any of the plugins listed in ‘Available’ tab and install it.

Lets see some top five best plugins that will be very helpful for developers.

1.NPP Compare

Very useful plugin that helps you to compare the code when you are using a subversion control.You can compare two files side by side and it highlights the lines that are different from each other.

NPP Compare


2.Multi Clipboard

This plugin provides the multiple clipboard option using which you can copy text multiple times, these copied text items in the clipboard can be pasted across all notepad++ sessions.When you press ctrl+shift+v you can see the list of items copied in  the clipboard.

Multi clipboard


3.Auto Indent

Auto Indenting is available for C/C++ and php languages.Intending helps better readability of the code and make it look ordered.This plugin makes indenting as you type the control structures in your code.


4.Light Explorer

I hate to switch between windows when I am coding seriously and it is also essential to keep track of files in the system.Light explorer provides the dockable file explorer which you can use to access the file right from notepad++

Light Explorer


5.Quick text

This plugin is a snippet manager which has all your short-code snippets.You need to download the plugin and install manually.Once installed you can create tags for the snippets.Example you can create a tag for basic html web structure so that every time when you code a fresh html page you can just use the tag to replace the entire snippet.


Quick text

You can also use fingertext plugin which is very similar to this snippet manager plugin.

One other Notepad++ productivity tip is that you can enable the code completion using these steps

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