What is Coral Scam | How to check | Torrent Scam

As today most of the movies are downloaded through torrent websites like piratebay and isohunt , recent times many people including me  got affected by Coral scam. This article will give you brief idea about coral scam and ways to check it .

Coral Scam

What is Coral Scam ??

They are group of people , they just upload new recent movies in the torrent . But during download ,it shows nearly 700+ mb ,but actually its 2 mb file .Actually they upload just 2 mins video file which shows advertisement of coral video player . I was really frustrated when i came to know i was victim of coral scam .

How to check ?

Though it is difficult to find , I have a suggestion to overcome this issue.  As usual start downloading the movie but after sometime when 20-30 Mb of your movie is downloaded ,just check your file. If the content is related with movie ,then no issues but if you watch anything related with advertisement of Coral video player then you are gonna be victim of Coral scam .

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