How to :Share your internet connection over WiFi


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If you have a windows PC or laptop with an internet connectivity then you can share the internet to other devices that are wifi enabled.In simple words you don’t need a wireless router to share an internet connection.

Share Internet using Wifi:

I have a Windows laptop which is connected to internet through LAN connection and also I  have two android phones that are capable to use  Wifi connection.Now If I wish to access internet in my android phone there are only two possible ways.

1.Connect through 3G

2.Connect through Wifi

For the second option to connect through WiFi we need an active wireless access point to which the android phone can connect.The real problem now is when you don’t have a wireless router that helps to create a wireless access point.

Obviously I need to share the internet connection used on my windows laptop wirelessly to my phones.Now you can convert your windows computer/laptop into a wireless access point using Connectify– a windows application that helps sharing your internet connection through wifi.

Download connectify application and install it.

share internet using wifi

Use Connectify tool to create wireless access points

Once installing the application you can share your internet connection to create a wifi hotspot.Provide a password for the wifi network and click “Start hotspot”

Now you can connect the android phone to that access point through Wifi.You can connect any number of wifi devices using connectify.

Share internet using connectify

Android phone connected to the wireless access point created by connectify.

Connectify supports windows8 and windows 7 operating systems.

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