How to :Install Windows Xp using USB


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There are many ways by which you can install windows Xp .

  • Through CD
  • Through USB
  • Through Virtualisation

Here is the tutorial by which you can easily install Windows XP using USB .

Step1 : Download winsetupfromusb.

Click here to download


Step 2: After Installation , Open the application .


Step 3 : Choose Removable option in ‘Force target disk type’  & Format target using HP format tool .


Step 4: Choose NTFS File system .


And choose Quick Format option .

Step 5:After Formatting , Return to original window .

Here select the source (*.iso,*bin) of the windows XP.

Step 6 : After completing the whole process , Restart the computer .

Now go to BIOS by pressing f8 key or DEL key .

Then select the boot device as USB Hard DIsk .

Step 7 : Restart the computer .

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