Faster coding using Notepad++ Snippet plugins


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Snippet plugins are highly effective in reducing the coding time by automating the repetitive tasks.Sometimes you need to type the repetitive part in coding such as adding the library files in the head section of the html file,container class with same definition etc.

You can save the code snippets using the notepad++ plugins and use them with just a click.Here in the below example I have shown you two snippet plugins.


Go to plugin manager and look for Fingertext plugin and install it.

Before beginning  select the code that you want save it as snippet and goto plugins->Fingertext->Create snippet from selection


After snippet creation you can use it while coding by typing the snippet name and pressing tab key.It is simpler and easy to use.

Code Snippets

This is a different plugin that does the same work like fingertext. You can create a library of snippets and use them from the sidebar list.

In the plugins menu select>Snippets


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