How to : Disable Autoplay of CD-ROM & Other Drives | Tricks

This tutorial will teach you how to stop autoplay of USB and other drives in your system .

Whenever you insert USB or CD in your computer , you will get notification regarding the action to be taken for the files  which are present in that drive. Whether it is good or bad , it depends on user. But i dont like the pop up .

This is also the reason for generation of virus in our system . To prevent that we use many softwares ,but tutorial will teach you how to do manually .

Step 1: Navigate through Start –> Run & type gpedit.msc.

Step 2: Select Administrative templates –> system which will be in tree view .


Step 3: In right side of panel , you can see “Turn off autoplay” option .


Step 4:Now set the radio button to enabled . Below that you can see there are two options , from which we have to select one .

* All drives



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  1. Senthil Nathan

    Useful Post. Whoever read this can protect their windows system from Virus. Gud Job Gautham Buddy. Keep posting ..

  2. N.S Gautham Raj

    @Senthil Thank you !!

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