How to dual boot Windows 8 on Windows 7 computer


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Windows 8 was launched months ago and is getting a bleak response from customers.As per the latest report windows 8 adoption rate is lesser than vista and constituting 1.77% .Windows 8 Metro UI is new to PCs but the lack of start button made some of the users disappointed and holding back from upgrading.

While others if you wanted to try the new Windows 8 but still don’t want to loose windows 7 ? then you can dual boot Windows 8 on Windows 7 computer.Even if you don’t need it you can remove at later point.

How to dual boot Windows 8 on Windows 7 computer

Purchase a new Windows 8 copy from Microsoft or get an upgrade package if you already have a windows 7.I have the profession version of window 8.

Note:Before proceeding to install do take a backup of the data.You won’t lose any data but still being proactive!

Since we are going to dual boot inside windows 7 you need a separate partition for windows 8 .Create a new partition with minimum space of 20 Giga bytes.

Boot the computer and choose the booting device appropriately(USB/CD ) and enter into the setup mode.

Windows 8  installation-1

Choose the language and time formats and proceed next.

Windows 8  installation

Enter the product key in the proceeding window and accept the agreement.

Windows 8  installation-2

Now you have to choose custom option because choosing upgrade option will upgrade your existing operating system but we are trying to dual boot windows 8 so custom is the only option.

Windows 8  installation-3

Choose the newly created partition and click next to begin the installation.

Windows 8  installation-4

Computer will restart after installation and can choose the default operating system.

Windows 8  installation-5

Select windows 8 and personalize the themes and settings on the sequence.

After that create new login id for the computer and sign-in.

Windows 8  installation

There you go you are done!

How to dual boot Windows 8 on Windows 7 computer

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