How to: launching an Amazon EC2 Instance


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Amazon offers wide variety of services for developers  to create scalable applications.A web application is scalable if it allows more number of users without affecting performance and speed.The application server would need more number of CPU cycles ‘s if the number of simultaneous users increases and hence you need additional CPU resource.

Amazon EC2 known as Elastic Compute cloud provides the cloud infrastructure for the web applications. Amazon’s AMI (Amazon Machine Image) or instance is a virtual machine on the cloud that provide the processing power for your web application.For example, Instagram – a popular photo sharing application uses the amazon’s services to provide the scalability.

Amazon EC2 Instance Basics

An instance can be of any type say ‘linux instance’.

You can launch any type of servers on the cloud like Ubuntu,windows,redhat and suse etc.

An instance can be launched or stopped at any point of time.

Amazon EC2 is free for the first one year when you use micro instance only.

While launching EC2 Instance you have an option to choose the availability zones / physical location.

Ec2 also has EBS – Elastic block storage for persistent data storage.

Steps to Launch Amazon EC2 Instance

If you don’t have amazon account then sign-up for Amazon web services.(

Proceed to EC2 page  which is the dashboard for managing ec2 instances.

Click “Launch Instance” to trigger the wizard.


ec2 launch instance

ec2 launch instance


Select “classic wizard” from the options

Choose any AMI- Amazon Machine Image from the list.You can also choose 32 bit or 64 bit version instance.

In the Instance Details screen you have to choose the type of instance.If you dont want to be charged the Micro Instance is your only option.

ec2-instance details

instance types

instance types


Next you have to select kernel id which can be left with default option.

ec2 tutorial

Choose the default EBS volume of 8GB capacity.


Provide a tag name for simplifying the administration.You can skip this section.

Create a key pair and download it to use later for connecting to server.


Configure firewall for your server.

Check your complete summary of amazon instance.

ec2 summary

Once you click launch your instance will be up and running in few moments.

You can connect to your server which you created now using the SSH client.To open this select Instance action->connect

Input the system path for the key pair file which you downloaded earlier and launch the client.

ssh client

 Now you have successfully launched an amazon EC2 instance.


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