Develop android apps using your android phone


March 12, 2012Android2 Comments

Yes,Android developers get another handy tool to develop applications.AIDE,an android mobile application or better called as Java IDE that helps in developing live android apps straight to the phone.


AIDE-Android Integrated Design Environment or simply put  “you develop android apps using an android phone”.Developers use the standard Eclipse IDE for the android development but this AIDE is well a mobile equivalent for Eclipse that provides pretty neat features just like Eclipse desk on desktops.

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Features of AIDE

1.Create a new Java Project

Create a new project by providing the package name and project name.

2.Project Browser

You can quickly scroll down to check out the project files and tap them to select.

3.Code Autocomplete

Handy autocomplete

Since you are coding on an android phone you don’t wish for much typing.AIDE comes with a nice Auto complete feature that helps for less typing on phones.


4.Log Cat View

AIDE also provides the Log Cat view of your projects that will be very helpful while debugging.

5.Install right on the device

You dont need an emulator to test your application.Install the application right on your device and test it.AIDE works on android 2.2+ devices and works perfect on my samsung galaxy.

The tablet version of AIDE is also available on the play store.Go ahead and download the AIDE.

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