Convert Flash to HTML5 with Google swiffy


July 2, 2011HTML5No comments

Another step by Google to help the web move towards HTML 5 by developing a tool that helps you convert Flash (swf)  to HTML 5.

Google announced a new online tool called Swiffy, using which you can convert swf files to HTML5.The converted html5 content can be viewed in any modern browser without needing a flash plugin to play.

In a blog post by google

Swiffy uses a compact JSON representation of the animation, which is rendered using SVG and a bit of HTML5 and CSS3. ActionScript 2.0 is also present in the JSON object, and is interpreted in JavaScript in the browser.

Adobe even supports for this project although they already have their own converter wallaby.Though its good move by google on modernizing web it is just an experimental version that supports the conversion of files only up-to 512Kb

Sample SWF file converted to HTML5

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