Meego- new Mobile platform developed by Nokia and Intel


February 28, 2010MobileNo comments

Intel and Nokia have finalized their partnership to produce a mobile platform called Meego.


Meego is a combination of Moblin and Maemo operating systems developed by Intel and Nokia. Both Moblin and Maemo are Linux based opensource mobile operating systems.

Maemo – Os from Nokia is useful for creating User Interfaces for Smartphones.
Moblin – Used to power Intel Atom based Net books.

MeeGo currently targets platforms such as netbooks/entry-level desktops, handheld computing and communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, connected TVs, and media phones

Meego will be developed in QT environment under Linux foundation ( so everyone can contribute ).Devices will be released in second quarter of 2010.

 See the press release by nokia corporation.
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